One From Malaysia

I somehow managed to lose, then recover most of, the majority of my digital photo’s from Malaysia. I felt it fitting that I should upload one that I saved.


Seattle Part II

Some more of Seattle.

My cousin’s friends invited us to sail across a lake (which I don’t know the name of) to get lunch. It might not even be called a lake.

Heading back to the city.

I think this is the same corner as : https://jtollan.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/mg_8546.jpg.

I decided to walk back after getting a bus journey one day. I didn’t know it would take me around 3 hours.

At Oktoberfest in Puyallup.

My cousin Mark trying ‘Hammerschlagen’.

Mayday and Dianne doing the chicken dance.

Mount Rainier is just visible in the distance.


On the way to the Seattle Sounders FC stadium to watch a ‘soccer’ match. FC stands for ‘football club’.

No idea.

Kylee and the dogs having a nap on my bed.

At Red Mill Burgers. I recommend the bacon.

Kylee had heard that Barack OBama was to speak at a rally in the University of Washington. Luckily, it was just a couple of days before I left. We got up around 5am to join the queue. You can just make out where it ends.

The way it worked out; if we had arrived later, we would have been much closer.

Spot the pimp.

High five.

Eddie, Chloe and my cousin Ashley on my last night. We had macaroni cheese and played ‘Apples to Apples’. I definitely need to buy it at some point.

3rd attempt to upload, so hopefully it has worked. *edit* It didn’t work and deleted half of the photo’s. Cheers for looking.


Seattle Part I

It’s now June, but here are photo’s from when I was in Seattle, in September. Around 75% of these wouldn’t have been put up a few months ago. When I arrived, I was held in airport security for over 3 hours without being given a reason why.  After being interrogated, getting my luggage pulled apart and having my e-mails sifted through, they believed that I wasn’t aiming to get a job and work for 2 months and kindly let me leave…

I mainly stayed with my cousins, Kylee and Ashley, in ‘downtown’ Seattle. Kylee and I took Oliver and Chloe for a walk once I stopped moaning about what happened.

Advance apology for so many dog photo’s. I hope they are some form of payment for allowing me to get in the way.

Chloe, wanting me to feed her.


There is public art and sculptures all round Seattle. It was sometimes hard to tell which was which.

Kylee’s uncle and cousins brought us along to a gig to see a band called JJ Gray and Mofro.  This was at the Showbox at the Market which was walking distance away.


Not sure about this one.

A new Skoda advert came on the t.v a couple of months ago, and I was certain I recognised the drummer in it from somewhere. Pretty sure this is him, but I didn’t get to see him play. He is a street drummer called Phil Bondy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqPH4wwQ0BI.

The Seattle Mariners playing the Boston Red Sox. They lost.

I’ve never seen another dog pose so much.

The ‘Gasworks Park’.

A bit too ‘Windows 96 desktop’.

Kylee and Oliver.

I took pictures of the Space Needle to give me a rough idea of where I was. I generally just walked around and got lost for a few hours.

The American flag is up everywhere you go. It’s pretty standard to take photo’s of them because it seems like a novelty to us.

Pretty ‘loud’ trousers…

My pals when no one was at home.

A tape Kylee came across, when cleaning out her car.

I stayed with more family in Tacoma. This was at the state fair in Puyallup. It rained a lot so didn’t have my camera out much.

I hope this t-shirt was custom made. I think.


I think this is Chambers Bay at Steilacoom. Kylee can correct me if I’m wrong.

Some of my family at the bar.

The house and bar were used for a neighbours birthday party.

I didn’t take many other photo’s that night. Will put some more up soon. Criticism always welcome. Cheers for looking.


About time…

… I put photo’s up.  These begin back in April.

Sam’s dog, Chloe.

From a day in Luss. Not much flow going with the photo’s as you can see.

Went hillwalking in Ben Arthur with Grant, Andy and Andy.


It was a lot colder than it looks.

This hasn’t been over oversharpened.

On the 9 after the Paisley Ale Festival.

Jenn and I travelled down to visit Linda in Blackpool for the last time, in May.

Went for a wee walk in the park.

We went to the Blackpool Ballroom for some form of dancing event.

A less than vibrant Blackpool the next day.

For some reason we painted our faces.


Back in Scotland at the newly built (at the time) skatepark in Renfrew.

Chris. We had a bbq at Ross’s.

Thought I’d try and be funny and throw an air- filled water balloon at Ross.

Game of ‘kerby’.

Animals close- up, with a wide- angle lens.

My mum.


The walk back from a gig at the Clippens Inn. First time I have ever been inside, despite being a minute walk away.

Went on another hill walk, this time at Ben Lomond.

Grant and Andy went the wrong way so decided to go the pub instead.

Bumped into a man from Switzerland (as far as I remember) and Jim from Glasgow and his friend at the top.

Was editing with Suzie then it got sunny.

Out in Glasgow for Ross’s 21st.


Suzie and Linda having a chin-wag.

Chris, posing.

I had smudged the complete left side of my lens without realising, hence the strange blur.

Kelvingrove again.

We had met up with Stewart, on the left here.

Back at Kelvingrove. I got the ball stuck up the tree.

My dad.

This is a trick Ross did with a lighter.

Made a trip to London to see Linda’s end of year exhibition.

Trafalgar Square.

Linda, back in Glasgow.

One for Jenn.

More sunshine at Suzie and Dave’s.

My sister got another dog. Beau or Bo. Something with that sound.

At Blue Cat Studios in Paisley.

Chloe and Hugh ready to fight.


The Second Hand Marching Band at the 13th Note.

The new dog.

Was invited to go ‘Zorbing’ with Suzie and Dave. Pretty strange.

Over at Hugh’s one night.

Ross’s living room.

Don’t know what is going on here.

Grant and Joe having a wrestle at Ross’s.

Joe’s face in these gets me.

Mark’s BB gun.

Glow in the dark.

Went to Balloch with Grant and Andy. Forgot we had some decent weather.


Took the dogs for a walk with my sister and her boyfriend. Balloch again.

This is what happens when you chase someone slower than you without paying attention.


That’s how I’ll trail off. This led up to my trip to Seattle. Hopefully won’t be long til I share some pictures from there. Thanks for looking, if you did.


Back in March/ April

Taken me a while again to put photo’s up. Mostly lack of motivation/ competent laptop to blame.

Dave and Harry.

Visited my mum in work with my Dad and brother.

Went through to Edinburgh to see the Diane Arbus exhibition. I’m still unsure of why I take so many photo’s of cars.

This was a hipshot so I don’t understand why he is smiling at the camera.

Grant after lunch in Kilmacolm one day.

Probably still one of my best investments.

It was Joe’s 24th birthday so he had a sailor themed party over at his flat.

Exploring the kitchen.

This was during one of the ‘sailor games’.

Gave Suzie a hand shooting a wedding.

Another night out. Tony and Andy went off to Australia for a year. The leaving night was in Firewater.

Debbie choosing her cocktail which later got spilled on me.


Sam. I think we both framed off.

If it looks like all the photo’s were taken from the same seat then you’re probably right.

Car in Renfrew.

Failed Rubix cube attempt.

Had the first bbq of the year over at Suzie and Dave’s flat. Good weather is back-ish. Got some more to put up when I get a chance.


End ’09, start ’10

Not done this in a while. Felt there was nothing I really wanted to put up. Some bad composition and colour balance going on.

Can’t remember what was being posted.

After a day Christmas shopping.

Ross over at Grant’s on Christmas Eve.

Without snow.

Grant’s neighbours were shouting stuff at us.

Alfie joined us for Christmas Day, when I also turned 23.

Harry getting wrapped up for sledging. Would say on Christmas Day but it’s saying the time is 2.36 am. Clock could be out an hour.

Had food over at Dave’s on New Year’s Eve.

Dave doesn’t have actually have an Alf Alfa flick.

The canal at Jenn’s was frozen for a good while. Linda was trying to talk her out of walking on it.

Joe at Grant’s one night.

Wondering round Glasgow.

Short sighted?


On the bus going through Paisley one day.

First trip to visit Linda in Blackpool this decade.

The mystery house.

Bought some greasy, but tasty,  food here.

Just off.

First time I’ve seen birds doing this.

Lunch in Kilmacolm.

The cat that came in through Harry’s window.

Unfrozen canal.


Sophie blending into her environment.

Another worker.

In Lidl.

Funny legs.

At the Barras recently.

A boy fishing in the canal. That’s how my decade ended and started. Hopefully it will be a good one.


Winter, Fog, cat show

Editing has been a bit of a nightmare on my current laptop. Colour balance is doing my head in again.

In Quiznos on Harry’s birthday. Better than Subway? I think so.

Popped over to Dave’s one night.

Went along to the Bluecat Studio in Paisley with Grant, Andy, Ross and Chris.

One of ‘those’ shots.


This photo is the exact same focusing distance and exposure as the previous shot. I’m not sure if that’s interesting.

Fat Alfie.

Brighter weather over at Harry’s.

Went for a wander in the park. Something mad was going on with the sky that day.

Grant testing the handling of his new car.

It was foggy for about 3 days solid which isn’t actually that long. Seemed like ages at the time.

At the McDonald’s drive-through.


That’s the last photo of fog. Starts to get pretty boring.

I honestly never set out to take a photo of Alfie pooping. I just thought the headline was quite funny.

Went along to a cat show in East Kilbride Sports Centre(?) with Jenn, Dawn and Grant.

The one on the left was possibly my favourite.

There was some pretty tough competition, however.

Seems like baldness is making a comeback.

Trying to escape… into a cage.


Pretty fun day all round.

Afterwards, Jenn and I walked into town to see John B Mckenna playing at the V club.  Hopefully be editing on a new laptop soon. Looking forward to the next few weeks. Merry Christmas!